Too Innocent II: Deceived and Devoured

By Lyla Sinclair


Copyright 2010 Lyla Sinclair

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Chapter One

As I walked across the cable company parking lot for a meeting with the marketing manager, the free preview I was supposed to talk to him about was the last thing on my mind.

Three weeks had passed since Eric and Alexis lured me onto the yacht for a non-existent party. Three weeks since they’d “enslaved” me, and I’d submitted to their lurid whims.

It had been the strangest, hottest, most outlandish night of my life, but I’d told no one about it. Anyone who knew me would be shocked that I’d participated in even half the goings on.

I was shocked. Yet, it was the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep.

Every night, I relived each moment, from Alexis’ unexpected caresses, to the spankings, to the climax that was so depraved I didn’t even want to put it into words in my own mind.

But as the images flashed through my mind each night, my fingers would pinch my nipples, then work their way down, until one slid through my pussy lips.

Once, I was satisfied, I’d lie in bed and wonder what was wrong with me. Why did I let them have their way with me? Sometimes I wondered if I was a lesbian, or maybe bisexual, since Alexis’ attentions had excited me as much as Eric’s. But deep down, I was pretty sure it wasn’t a matter of sexual orientation.

I liked how they treated me. They dominated me and controlled me that night in a way I’d never experienced. And when they bound my wrists and put me on the platform…

A pleasure shiver skipped through me as I opened the door to the customer service area of the cable office. I realized I was going into this meeting with my panties wet. Luckily, my suit skirt was lined.

I passed through the sea of cubicles, waving at a couple of the supervisors who noticed me. But when I entered the hallway that led to the managers’ offices, the training room door opened, and I stopped short.

Alexis was coming out, probably doing product trainings for the competing pay network she worked for. My mouth dropped open. I couldn’t think of an appropriate greeting for a woman who’d seen and touched every inch of my body…who had inserted a foreign object into my—

“Tanya,” she said, not appearing the least bit flustered. “What a nice surprise.”

“Uh-huh,” was all that came out of my mouth.

“I’ve been meaning to get hold of you, but I realized I didn’t have your number.”

I stood there, mute, staring at her.

“I’m having a little slumber party tonight and I expect you to be there.”

I noticed she didn’t invite me. It was more like a command. My breathing quickened. “Slumber party?”

“Yeah, just a little ‘girls night in’ thing. Very relaxed. Do each other’s hair…whatever.” She looked at me expectantly.

“Sounds like fun,” I heard myself say.

“Good. Come by eight. My other friends should be there by then. They’re coming from out-of-town. Wear your cutest pajamas.” She scribbled an address on the back of a business card and handed it to me.

I wasn’t at all sure I wanted to go to a slumber party, but for some reason I hadn’t been able to say “no” to Alexis this time any more than I was able to refuse her and Eric on the yacht.

But the more I thought about it that day, the more convinced I became that this was just another ploy to get me alone and unsuspecting with the two of them. As depraved as it could turn out to be, I still creamed my panties every time I thought of the possibilities.

Eric and his rich aroma, his perennially highlighted hair and tanned body—which gave the impression he was always just coming back from vacation. He was gorgeous and perfect just like the boys back in high school—the ones I could never have had in my second-hand clothes. It couldn’t have been more obvious that I was the scholarship kid and didn’t belong there with the rest of them.

But now Eric wanted me. He told me on the yacht how he’d fantasized about me.

I decided to take off work early to get a Brazilian wax for Eric and buy a new set of “cutest pajamas.”


I was shocked when I pulled up to the address Alexis had given me. Although she had an air about her, as though she’d grown up as privileged as my classmates, she’d mentioned on the yacht how she’d worked her way through college. I knew she was a trainer for a cable network. The house I was parked in front of was more like one the CEO would own. I’d spent most of my life in apartments and now lived in the tiny house my grandfather had built, so the elegance of this place was stunning. I was tempted to pluck a blade of grass from the perfectly manicured lawn and see if a gardener came running to replace it.

Walking up to the over-sized front door, I was self-conscious. At least I’d covered my pajamas with a black trench. I rang the doorbell, then nervously pushed my long brown hair behind my shoulders. It seemed to take forever before the door opened.

“Great, you made it!” Alexis appeared completely comfortable in her lacy teal camisole top and matching panties. I noticed her—normally hazel—cat eyes had also adjusted themselves to match the color of her outfit. The nipples on her ample breasts were just visible through the lace. I was reminded again of how much more “endowed” she was compared to me.

“Yes…I’m here.” As usual, I felt intimidated and uncomfortable in her presence. I glanced around, hoping to see Eric, but there was no sign of him, not that I could tell from the foyer anyway. The house was huge.

“Let me take your coat,” Alexis said. I was sure I could see the anticipation in her eyes. I hoped she didn’t notice my hands shaking as I untied the belt and removed my coat.

“Adorable pajamas.” Alexis took in my pink camisole with molded underwire cups—to make me look a bit bigger up top—with sheer net fabric that skimmed over my stomach. She paced around me slowly. There was no mistaking her examination of my body. I found myself hoping she approved. When she paused behind me, I knew she was looking at my matching “boy short” bottoms, cut high in the back, allowing a peek at my rounded ass. “Nice,” she said.

I realized I hadn’t been breathing and took in a sudden, shuddering gasp. Alexis gave me a knowing look, then hung my trench in the coat closet.

“Come on,” she said. “We’re in here.”

I followed her through an ornate formal living room to a hall in the back. She started down some stairs and I followed.

Where were we going? A dungeon? My nerves crackled. Goose bumps appeared on my arms. She opened the solid door at the foot of the stairs. Inside the room, it was almost completely dark.

“Is it over?”

As I peered around her, I realized this was a mini-movie theater. The credits were rolling on the screen.

“It’s over,” a female voice sighed.

Alexis flipped a switch and the lights came on. “You’ve only seen that movie about a hundred times,” she said.

“Yeah, but it gets me every time,” said a blonde with a sweet face and modern pixie haircut. She totally didn’t look like she’d be Alexis’ friend.

“That’s Tiff,” Alexis said.

“Short for Tiffany,” the pixie added.

“This is Pia,” Alexis motioned toward another blonde, this one with shoulder length hair. She smiled as her eyes perused me from top to bottom. I wondered if she was one of those catty women, always looking for something to make fun of. “And that’s Paris.” A leggy brunette turned and knelt on her seat, draping her arms over the back of it. “Named after the place she was conceived,” Alexis added.

“Yeah, I got off better than my brothers,” Paris said. “Master Bath and Broom Closet.”

The blondes laughed. “Yeah, that one never gets old, “Alexis replied sarcastically.

“It must not. You set it up for me every time.”

Disappointment settled over me. Eric wasn’t here. There would be no hot action tonight. It was really just an all-girl slumber party.

At least they were dressed scantily too, so I didn’t have to feel uncomfortable about the outfit I’d bought for Eric.

“So, everybody, this is Tanya. Isn’t she cute?”


“Adorable,” Paris said. “So petite. What are you, four-nine or something?”

I hated tall people.

“I’m almost five-foot-one.”

She laughed. “Almost, huh?” Yeah, I could totally see how she was Alexis’ friend.

“Are you ready?” Alexis asked the group.

“Oh, yeah, let’s go!” Tiff grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs and out a door to the backyard. Well maybe “back forty” would have been more appropriate. It was the biggest back yard I’d ever seen. And the swimming pool was worthy of the Playboy Mansion with waterfalls and a giant hot tub. With the landscaping, it looked like we’d been transported to Hawaii.

“Come on Tanya, let’s get in the pool,” Tiff said.

“I didn’t bring a suit.”

“Neither did I, but we’re all girls here.” And with that, she stripped off her red night shirt and white panties and jumped into the pool.

“We certainly are,” Paris said. She and Pia had their clothes off in a flash. Pia got in right away, but Paris stood next to the pool, dipping her toes in as if posing for a magazine’s swimsuit edition—minus the swimsuit. She had to be close to six feet tall. Slender with big boobs.


Alexis walked up next to me and gave me that sly smile that always unnerved me. “Aren’t you getting in, Tanya?”

Even after the night with her and Eric, I still felt shy about taking my clothes off in front of other people. I reached around and pretended to fumble with the hook and eye at the back of my top.

She stepped behind me and popped it open. Then she pulled her cami off and revealed her breasts. An odd feeling raced through me. I had a flashback of her spreading a drop of wine onto her nipple on the yacht. My throat went dry.

I turned away, disrobed and got into the water before anyone had time to examine my naked body.

For the next twenty minutes, the other three women splashed, chatted and even shot each other with giant water guns. I spent my time at the other side of the pool, doing laps, swimming underwater, doing more laps…

I was back to feeling like an outsider. I didn’t know them well enough—and wasn’t a good enough small talker—to chat with them. I was stressed that I’d committed to staying all night. And I wanted a freaking bathing suit! I was obviously not cut out to be a nudist. Way too self-conscious.

“Hey Tanya, come on. We’re getting in the hot tub,” Tiff called. By that time, I was so tired of pretending to amuse myself, I was grateful for the invitation.

I followed them out of the pool and sank into the bubbling tub quickly to hide myself. There was easily enough room for several more people, so it was no problem for me to keep my naked distance on the cement bench and still be part of the group.

As I listened to them talk, I learned that Pia and Tiff were Alexis’ sorority sisters. However, when I asked how she and Paris knew each other, Alexis said something vague about meeting her in a club and changed the subject.

Everyone was still talking casually when I felt something brush against my leg. On reflex, I reached down to find out what it was, but it was gone.

I looked around suspiciously. Everyone seemed involved in the conversation about some weird guy Tiff had been dating. But seconds later, I felt it again.

It couldn’t have been an accident. I looked at Paris, who sat directly across from me. She appeared nonchalant, but I knew her foot at the end of those long legs could easily reach me. On the other hand, Alexis was the closest to me and I already knew what she was capable of. Still, neither seemed to be paying any attention to me whatsoever.

I closed my eyes and tried to relax down into the rolling, bubbling water. I was probably just being paranoid. They were accidental “brushes.” The others weren’t even thinking about me.

Something slipped between my knees and caressed the insides of my thighs. My body reacted by allowing my legs to fall open. My hips tilted. My clit throbbed as if asking for attention. But the caress ended before it could get any.

I opened my eyes and looked around, embarrassed to have cooperated. “I’m going in now,” I said. I jumped out and headed for the house.

“There are towels on the table next to the back door,” Alexis yelled.

As I dried myself off, I tried not to think about what had happened in the hot tub because now Paris, or whomever, knew that—at least for a moment—I’d wanted her attention. I tried to think of an excuse to leave.

By the time I got my pajamas back on, all four of the others were in the house except no one else was getting dressed. Paris dropped her towel by the back door as soon as she dried off. The others wore theirs for a few minutes then casually tossed them aside or let them fall off.

“Let’s play Blind Man’s Bluff, now,” Tiff said enthusiastically.

Blind Man’s Bluff? What’s next? Pin the Tail on the Donkey?

“I don’t know how to play,” I said truthfully. “I’ll sit this out.”

“No, the way we play is simple,” Tiff said. “The blindfolded person has to find someone by feeling around and guess who they are. It’s easy. In fact, I think you should go first.”


Next thing I knew, I was blindfolded. I decided to concentrate on height and hair. That should be enough to figure these four out and keep my hands from going anywhere too personal. I took several tentative steps forward and put my hands up.

When I felt the pixie hair and button nose, I knew exactly who it was. “It’s Tiff,” I said. Something brushed against my back. I reached behind me to feel who it was, but all I found was empty air.

“Wrong,” someone said.

Wrong? This was obviously Tiff. I reached forward again, but this time, I encountered long damp hair and a Roman nose. “Alexis?”

Suddenly, I had the feeling of being in a crowd. Someone was in front of me and on each side. One of my bra cups slipped down. My nipple felt the chill of air conditioning for a brief second before it was covered with moist lips.