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Training Tessa (Hot Texas Bosses 1)

Training Tessa

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Note: Cover will differ on Amazon, due to site restrictions.

New York Times Bestseller--After her employer goes out of business, Tessa Greer is so desperate for work she leaves Michigan and travels to Houston where jobs seem more available. She’s thrilled to land the “Receptionist Plus” position at Maddox Brothers Inc. Now she can continue to pay the bills for her mentally ill mother’s care facility.

But Tessa is shocked by the punishments her handsome new bosses dole out for her very minor mistakes. She’s even more shocked at how aroused she becomes when they discipline her.

The stakes seem to get higher with each round of punishments. How far will this one-upmanship between the brothers go? And with one of them, Tessa finds herself wanting him to take her farther than she’s ever gone before.

Content Warning: Not for readers offended by fantasy inappropriate office behavior. Like many Lyla Sinclair stories, this novella contains various BDSM elements, including domination, restraint, corporal punishment, anal sex as well as unconventional use of office supplies. (This is not a ménage story.)

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Whatever the reason—the New York Times best seller is seeing almost as much action as Tessa and we’d venture to guess this is the first book with a school girl being spanked to appear on the list.

SCORE: 5 Whips, 5 Penises