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Too Innocent 3-Bought and Bound

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(This is the final installment of the Too Innocent series—several thousand words longer than the other T.I. stories.) Tanya goes out to dinner with Eric, hoping he’ll give her a diversion from her problems for a while. She’s lost her job and is about to lose the last connection she has to her family—the house her grandfather built. Eric takes advantage of her troubles and talks her into playing a rich men’s game—putting herself up for auction as a slave for the long weekend. She’ll get the money she needs and Eric already knows who will buy her—his voyeuristic, OCD friend. He’ll never even touch her. Except not all goes according to plan. A mysterious bidder wins and takes Tanya away bound and blindfolded. Will she really be released in a few days or has her gullibility finally done her in? And after experiencing punishment and pleasure with this dark, handsome master, will she ever want to be released?
Content warning: Lots of BDSM, some angry sex, some romance.
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