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Taken By the Force


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The last place body-shy Andrea Pearson expected to be was on stage at a stripper bar in Vegas. Star Whores is her brother Kenny’s space-themed “gentleman’s club,” and she was only going to work in the office since she got laid off from her old job. But while Kenny’s out with an injury, the main attraction doesn’t show. Kenny’s manager has seen a picture of Andrea in a bikini and knows what’s underneath her giant sweatshirts. He talks her into standing in for the night to save her brother’s business. Besides, she’ll be in a costume and prosthetic makeup. No one will ever know.

L.A. homicide detective Rick Webb’s partner is lying in a coma with a shot to the head. When he finds out the brothers who did it are probably in Vegas, hiding out with a stripper girlfriend, he goes rogue. However, when he gets “Anastasya” alone, she won’t cooperate and claims to be an accountant—yeah right! Desperate for information, Rick tricks her into going with him, then holds her captive in an apartment. Once the prosthetics are off, that innocent face and crazy-hot body make her irresistible. And the way she reacts to his touch, Rick gets the idea she’s some sort of sex-addict, so he decides to use it to his advantage, teasing and “torturing” her for information.
Andrea is torn between wanting to run like hell from the man who’s keeping her handcuffed naked to a bed and remaining Anastasya as long as possible to spend more hot hours with the detective of her dreams.
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